As a kid being totally obsessed with dinosaurs thanks to movies like Jurassic Park, growing up in Colorado afforded me numerous opportunities to get up close and personal with fossils, bones, and other avenues of prehistoric education.

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Now, an especially unique opportunity has come to Colorado in the form of a skull constructed from the bones of a dinosaur so rare, that only one has been discovered to date.

Rare Predatory Dinosaur Skull on Display in Colorado

This particular species of dinosaur is known as Terataphoneus curriei, which translates to "murder monster" in Latin and is closely related to the well-known Tyrannosaurus genus.

However, the fossils from this dinosaur that were discovered date back a whopping 10 million years prior to any T-Rex bones in existence.

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The fossils were originally discovered in Montana back in 2001 but modern technology has allowed scientists in Woodland Park, Colorado, to recreate the animal's skull using 3D printing.

The model, which measures 40 inches in length, is currently on display at the Triebold Paleontology and Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, located at  201 S. Fairview Street in Woodland Park.

While only the skull has been replicated so far, the ultimate plan is to recreate the skeleton of the entire specimen which scientists estimate will end up being about 30 feet in length and should take another year or two to complete.

In the meantime, the public can visit the rare dinosaur's skull at its current location in Woodland Park.

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