If you've found yourself traveling along I-70 between Idaho Springs and Evergreen, Colorado, you've likely noticed something back in the distance right around the Central City exit and perhaps never put much thought into what it was.

Right around this area is a mountain that has noticeably been excavated, along with big piles of earth, heavy machinery, and a handful of buildings that appear to be industrial.

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So, what is this place right off of Interstate 70?

A Colorado Quarry Sits Right Near a Major Interstate Highway

Located at 33501 US-6, Idaho Springs, Colorado 80452 is what is known as the Albert Frei and Sons / Walstrum Quarry.

I've traveled to and from Denver along I-70 countless times over my life and never really wondered what was going on at what I now know is the quarry, that is, until one day I spotted what looked like an explosion on the side of the mountain.

The main purpose of the quarry is to extract different types of stone, dirt, and aggregate from the site in order to sell. In fact, the company's mantra says it all, "Mine a ton, sell a ton."

The quarry produces things like alluvial sand which is washed and then sold to concrete companies to aid in creating their final product.

The company also specializes in boulders which help prevent flooding in urban areas. These boulders are mined and sold in specific sizes and because Albert Frei and Sons take care of all of the drilling and blasting that needs to take place, the company can deliver these boulders as needed.

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