Cyclists are tired of the constant fear of being hit by a driver only to be faulted for the collision.

Elizabeth Coldren, a Denver Psychologist told Denver Post, “I’m always on a swivel,” she said. “I don’t feel safe. I wish I did."

There is a new bill on the table after many fatal bike and car collisions happened last year.

In July of 2019, mother of two, Alexis Bounds was struck and killed by a dump truck that entered the bike lane. Bounds was the fourth cyclist killed on the Front Range that month and the second in Denver.

This led cyclists to protest during two organized rides in Denver. "Stop killing us,” could be seen written across Denver pavement.

This new bill would give cyclists the definitive right of way and if a cyclist is hit the driver could be punished with a fine or even jail time.


Not only is cycling a healthier alternative to driving, it uses less materials and needs less service than a car which drastically cuts down on waste not to mention the lack of CO2 emissions.

As cyclists like to say, "share the road".

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