One of the many things that the state of Colorado is known for is beer. We're all aware that the Coors dynasty calls Colorado home and many have even toured the brewery, and famous microbrews such as New Belgium and Odell Brewing Company got their start in the Centennial State as well.

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However, while there are countless distilleries across our great state, hard liquor isn't something that's necessarily associated with Colorado.

Sure, tequila is popular at Mexican restaurants, Irish whiskey is a go-to for many on St. Patrick's Day, and just about any shot can be popular at college parties, but none of these hard alcohol varieties necessarily scream, "Colorado" in the same way as beer.

However, some fairly recent research shows that there are trends in Colorado when it comes to hard alcohol, and some of them may come as a surprise.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Hard Alcohol in Colorado?

A study taken in 2020 revealed the most popular types of hard alcohol across the state of Colorado based on the number of nine-liter cases that were sold, as well as the final sales figures of each variety at the end of the year.

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The top-ten list features four different types of whiskey, one of which ranks much higher than the others, as well as tequila, rum, gin, vodka, and liqueurs.

Keep scrolling to check out all ten of the most popular types of hard alcohol in Colorado:

Ranked: The Top-Selling Types of Hard Alcohol in Colorado

A study has shown what the most popular types of hard alcohol in Colorado are.

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