There are quite a few haunted sites in Colorado, and rumor has it that this old Colorado Railroad really haunted. That's the talk anyway, and the story behind it is freaky all on its own. Here's the history...

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Haunted Abandoned Railroad In Colorado

I'm not a fan of anything haunted anything. I like "haunted houses" but I know that those are just for fun. Legit haunted properties, homes, vehicles, no thanks.

I've stayed at the Stanley Hotel numerous times over the years, but one night, they stuck me right next to their famous "haunted" room. Literally right next door. Needless to say, I was not having it. I marched up to that front desk, and to the best of my ability (because I was full of whiskey) and pleaded my case. To my dismay, they were completely sold out, and I was a long way from home, so I sucked it up.

Needless to say, I survived, so all is good. I'd probably do it again if I had to, but not sure I'd do the actual haunted room. My imagination is too strong or that. I stumbled upon this abandoned Colorado Railroad that is rumored to be haunted and it certainly has my interest peaked.

Phantom Canyon Road In Colorado

Located an hour southwest of Colorado Springs, between the cities Florence and Victor. The Phantom Canyon Road runs along an old railroad route. You can access it from either Highway 115 to the south or Highway 67 to the north.

While driving along the road you'll pass by ghost towns such as Adelaide, Glenbrook, Wilbur, and more.

Why do people claim that Phantom Canyon Road could be one of the most haunted places on earth? The old wise tail says that a man who was executed back in the 1800s at a prison nearby has been sighted walking along the tracks.

Multiple visitors since the original sighting back in the 1890s claim to have heard, seen, or just felt "that creepy ghost vibe." An almost 200-year-old ghost roaming the train tracks through the canyon? No thanks, I'm out. Here are some pics of the haunted area.

Even if you don't see or "feel" anything, the whole place has that creepy vibe based on looks alone, for real. Colorado's website has more on Phantom Canyon Road if you wanna dig a bit deeper. Happy haunt hunting.

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