Colorado Parks and Wildlife is dishing out cold hard cash in exchange for invasive fish. CPW will pay you $20 for every Northern pike you catch and bring in.

You can earn $20 for every invasive fish that you catch, thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. CPW is looking for fishermen to bring them northern pike and will give you money in exchange.

According to 9 News:

From June 1 through November 30, licensed anglers can earn $20 for each Nothern pike caught and removed from Kenney Reservoir, White River and other waters, from approximately Stedman Mesa to the Utah border.

Northern pike are extremely aggressive fish and will literally eat anything, they're not picky when it comes to what fish they eat. CPW believes that Northern pike was introduced to the area by an individual, who they call 'bucket biologist.'

A bucket biologist is a person who moves fish from one body of water to another to create their own personal fishery, according to CPW.

This is absolutely illegal and can have terrible repercussions for the fish and for the 'bucket biologist'. The punishment for doing this can result in $5,000 fines and losing your fishing/hunting license -- forever.

To claim your cash in exchange for pike, you must have your fishing license and bring your pike to a CPW district office.

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