Several years ago, a court ruling made it legal for women to go topless in public in Colorado, and of course, men are already allowed to do the same in many places without issue. But are there any full-on nudist communities in the Centennial State where people can let it all hang out?

For individuals who want to experience life in the buff, Mountain Air Ranch in Littleton is Colorado's top recommended nudist resort - if there is such a thing. The clothing-free destination has been in business for 87 years, drawing visitors from all across the country to the scenic ranch for a leisurely and liberating experience. According to their website, the clubhouse and pool are where most of the recreational activities take place, but there's also an exercise room, miles of trails, an ice cream parlor, as well as the Bikini Bar and Grill. The resort prides itself on being accepting of all people and welcomes guests of all ages into its community.

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The Iron Aspen Ranch in northern Colorado is a 30-acre homestead where it's normal for residents to be in their birthday suits. For women, clothing is always optional, but for men, as long as the weather permits, they are required to be nude. This rule is in place to keep the looky-loos out and for the safety and courtesy of the ranch's members. There are also strict guidelines when it comes to taking photos here.

There are also several hot springs in Colorado that allow guests to go au natural. Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway is one of those places, however, visitors must be wrapped in a towel when they're not soaking in the tubs. Steamboat's Strawberry Hot Springs also permits skinny dipping after dark, but guests do not have to take their clothes off if they don't want to. In Florence, Colorado, Desert Reef Hot Springs allows nudity as well, but men must purchase a membership or be accompanied by a partner to enter. People who feel like experiencing nature in the buff, are welcome to do so at Dakota Hot Springs, where clothing is optional every day of the week except for Tuesdays. Special rules and regulations exist at all of these soaking spots, in order to keep guests safe and comfortable.

Another Colorado location that is perfectly okay with guests being naked is the Orient Land Trust and Valley View Hot Springs in the northern San Luis Valley. This place is described as a “clothing-optional naturist open space” where visitors can hike, camp, and explore.

Hot Springs Where You Can Be Legally Naked in Colorado

Have you considered visiting a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? There are a number to choose from. Below you'll find information, links, and maps to a number of locations across the state. For the obvious reason, some resorts do not offer photos of their facilities.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's Clothing-Optional Hot Springs

Have you ever visited a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? Judging by the web traffic, they're incredibly popular. A large percentage of the population loves them and looks forward to any chance to visit. On the other hand, there are those who've had bad experiences, and have little if anything good to say.

Here's a number of nasty 1-star reviews of various clothing-optional hot springs located in Colorado. These reviews are pulled from sites such as Tripadvisor and Google. The reviews are copied in their original form, typos and all. The one exception would be the elimination of the facilities name. The proper names of the individual hot springs have been removed.

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