With the population of Colorado steadily increasing, it was projected that the state would need a new area code by the year 2026 and now we know that a plan is being set forward.

What Are Colorado's Area Codes Now?

The first area code given to the state of Colorado was 303, which was adopted back in 1947. However, as time went on and the amount of phone numbers increased, the area of Colorado that encompasses the southeastern cities of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Trinidad was given a new area code of 719 back in 1988.

This was followed shortly thereafter by much of the area north of Denver as well as the entire Western Slope receiving the area code of 970 in 1995, leaving the original 303 code for primarily the Denver Metro Area as well as neighboring cities like Boulder.

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Eventually, another area code was added to the Denver area in 1998 and many of those who receive a phone number in the Mile High City are now assigned a 720 area code instead of 303. In addition, 2022 saw yet another area code come to the Denver Metro in the form of 983.

What Will Be Colorado's Next Area Code?

If you look at a map, it's fairly obvious that the 970 area code covers the most geographical area and like Denver's 303 and 720 in years past, will need a new area code to allow for new phone numbers.

The geographical area in which 970 is assigned will not change, but beginning in 2026, some new phone numbers will be popping up with what will be the state's newest area code of 748.

Despite a grassroots effort to make the newest area code 420 to represent Colorado's apparent infatuation with marijuana, we can expect Colorado phone numbers to begin with the new 748 area code once the 970 numbers are completely exhausted.

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