If you had to guess which states are some of the most dangerous in the United States, would you consider Colorado to be on that list? Generally speaking, I feel like Colorado is a pretty safe state, and most people I talk to feel that way too.


States such as Florida, Texas, California, and New York generally come to mind when thinking about dangerous states. It might surprise you to find out that Colorado ranks as one of the most dangerous states in 2023 according to RoadSnacks.

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Is Colorado Really a Dangerous State?

RoadSnacks used data from the FBI and ranked the state of Colorado the ninth most dangerous in the nation in 2023.

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In 2022, Colorado had 294 murders and the odds of being a victim of violent crime was 1 in 250. Overall, Colorado ranked at being the 20th worst in the nation for violent crimes. The factor that put Colorado on the list of the most dangerous states was property crime.

The Centennial State ranked third worst in the nation which is up massively in only a few short years.

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Other states that were on the most dangerous list include Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alaska, Tennesee, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisana, and the most dangerous, New Mexico. RoadSnacks says that the safest state in the nation is New Hampshire. Other states such as Maine, Vermont, Idaho, and New Jersey ranked as being the safest.

For more information on the most dangerous states in the United States, see RoadSnackes.net.

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