Human and moose encounters are increasing in Colorado.

Life in Colorado is filled with things to be mindful of. Apparently "moose attack" is another to add to your list. CP&W officials are reporting that the number of dangerous moose encounters is on the rise. “Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in human-moose interactions and moose just boing places where we haven’t historically seen them.” That's according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Wildlife Manager Kristin Cannon.

If your pet dog is in the mix, the situation can escalate quickly. “Dogs resemble their natural predator which is the wolf and so moose tend to be much more aggressive around dogs,” continues Cannon. Good to know.

I don't believe the risk is as high here on the western slope has it may be on the front range or higher elevations. Matter of fact, I don't think I've seen a moose in the wild in my two years of living here.

Moose attacks are a thing. Boulder and Larimer County officials say they're getting 10 to 15 moose-related calls a year. “...of those maybe two or three could be human safety issues,” officials say. CP&W say there are several warning signs if you're too close to a moose. “If the hair on the back of his neck stands up that’s a signal that they’re starting to get agitated,” Cannon said. “If they start to change their behavior in any way or they pin their ears back or their hackles come up then you know you’re too close and it’s time to back off quickly.”

There is a CP&W guide to moose encounters. To find out more info click HERE.

Credit: Fox31

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