Miniatures are definitely not just for children. Sure, some of the kids' favorite toys include things like G.I Joes, action figures, Barbie Dolls, etc., but miniatures remain part of many of our lives far beyond our youth.

For example, many adults collect things like Star Wars action figures, old Barbie Dolls or G.I. Joes, and most recently, Funko Pop dolls. While these kinds of collectibles are typically found at card and game shops, a very unique museum in Colorado carries a different type of miniature and some of which are likely worth quite a bit more than your typical Funko Pop doll.

What is the Denver Museum of MIniatures, Toys and Dolls?

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A very unique museum exists in Colorado that is filled with miniature versions of houses, cars, people, and more. Known as the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Toys and Dolls, this hidden gem is located at 830 Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80215:

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While the museum is a bit of a hidden gem in a part of the Denver area that you might not expect, once you go inside you'll be transported into an entirely different world.

What's Inside the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Toys and Dolls?

When you walk inside this unique museum, you'll be greeted with a sight of old dolls, toy cars, and dollhouses, but you'll have to look a little closer to see just how amazing this stuff is.

No detail was spared in the making of these dollhouses as they are full of models of people, food, pets, and nearly everything else you can imagine.

Don't take my word for it, take a virtual tour of the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Toys and Dolls:

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