Colorado Mesa University is in the top ten colleges in Colorado for their sports, food, campus, and dorms. Here's how CMU landed in the top 10 in 4 categories.

Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction has colleges across Colorado beat when it comes to their campus, sports and food. CMU has ranked in the top 10 in 4 different categories - athletics, campus, food, and dorms, according to Niche.

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Here's how Colorado Mesa University came out on top in these 4 categories.

Colorado Mesa University has been ranked as the seventh-best college for college athletics in Colorado, according to Niche. The rankings were based on statistics, like the number of championships won and the percentage of men and women participating in varsity sports, as well as student reviews.

Colorado Mesa University's campus is ranked as the fifth-best college campus in Colorado and it's easy to see why. CMU has some of the best resources, venues, and housing in Colorado.

The food at Colorado Mesa University has been ranked as the sixth-best college food in Colorado. The methodology takes student reviews and meal plan costs into account. It looks like CMU has a wide variety with plenty of healthy food options for students.

The dorms at Colorado Mesa University are not just in the top 10 in Colorado, they're in the top five. CMU dorms are ranked as the fourth-best in Colorado and the ranking is based on student reviews, crime rates in student housing as well as cost of housing.

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