A man fell victim to what could have been an extremely tragic accident after a trench collapsed on him but he was fortunately rescued and survived the accident.

The incident happened in the Colorado Springs area near the famous Garden of the Gods off of the corner of Garden of the Gods road on the 1900 block of said road.

As of now, Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, it is unclear as to what the man that was involved in the incident's name is or what particular company he is employed with that was working on the project when the accident occurred, but we do know that following the incident he was rescued and survived.

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It has been said that it took right around an hour to rescue the man after the trench collapsed on him after which he was transported to a local hospital, likely in Colorado Springs to get his injuries evaluated and tended to.

A large number of people were involved in the rescue of the man following the incident, including something close to 40 firefighters, the Fort Carson Heavy Rescue Unit, as well as a vacuum truck sent by Colorado Springs Utilities.

The vacuum truck was specifically sent to remove the dirt from the collapsed trench that trapped the man and proved to be successful.

As of now, the extent of the man's injuries is unknown, but luckily it has been reported that the man survived said injuries and is currently being treated for them at a nearby hospital.


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