Imagine exploring the backcountry of Colorado and stumbling upon a lost treasure. Hey, it could happen.

Colorado's history is riddled with tales of outlaws hiding their loot among the mountains. These treasures were left behind by some of the Wild West's most notorious bandits, Spanish explorers, and other unlucky circumstances.

Do you think you can find one of these treasures?

Reynold's Gang Loot Near South Park

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Jim Reynolds and his gang caused havoc in the South Park area of Colorado; stealing horses, cash and causing havoc near the South Park area of Colorado. On the run after a fight with a posse, the Reynolds Gang buried their treasure and split up. Many have searched for this elusive treasure, but none have been successful. Here's our best guess at finding the loot.

Denver Dime Disappearance

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Four to six wooden kegs full of dimes were on a wagon train from the Denver mint to Phoenix and vanished somewhere between Crawford and Montrose. Remains of the wagons were found at the rim of a canyon along the Gunnison River. Some of the dimes were recovered near the north rim of the Black Canyon while the rest is yours to find.

Butch Cassidy's Brown's Hole (Park) + Irish Canyon Loot

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This list wouldn't be complete without a mention of Butch Cassidy. Butch spent some time with his girlfriend, Josie Morris in Browns Hole (now Brown's Park). It's believed that the majority of his plunder was stashed here, but never retrieved. Another one of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch's hideouts was located in Irish Canyon in northwestern Colorado. Legend has it there is $30,000 in silver coins stashed somewhere in the canyon.