To some it may get old, but I promise you it has been around since the beginning of time, and it ain't going anywhere anytime soon... Dudes, simply wondering who has the biggest wieners, that is. But instead of looking over at the guy taking a piss next to you at the urinal we have found a new way to find out the information we all crave. By studying condom buying habits..., which claims to be America’s first online condom store, did a little scientific study. According to a press release, the website compiled condom sales data by state to find out which states bought a higher-than-average amount of higher-than-average-sized condoms.

The result? A list of all 50 states, “ordered by penis size," and a lot of chicks thinking about taking their next vacation in one of the Dakotas!!

  1. North Dakota
  2. Rhode Island
  3. South Dakota
  4. District of Columbia
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Ohio
  7. Arizona
  8. Alabama
  9. New York
  10. South Carolina
  11. Colorado
  12. Maryland
  13. Wisconsin
  14. New Jersey
  15. California
  16. Florida
  17. Connecticut
  18. Virginia
  19. Oregon
  20. Pennsylvania
  21. Washington
  22. Tennessee
  23. New Mexico
  24. Iowa
  25. Illinois
  26. Louisiana
  27. Vermont
  28. Utah
  29. Maine
  30. Nebraska
  31. Idaho
  32. Kansas
  33. Delaware
  34. Michigan
  35. Nevada
  36. New Hampshire
  37. Oklahoma
  38. Montana
  39. Minnesota
  40. Kentucky
  41. Texas
  42. Indiana
  43. West Virginia
  44. Missouri
  45. Alaska
  46. North Carolina
  47. Wyoming
  48. Arkansas
  49. Hawaii
  50. Mississippi

A few things we need to learn from this list...

There are very few people in the Dakotas, so if they are buying the most Magnums there really must be something to it, maybe they are using them as gloves for farm chores or something.

Also, Georgia didn't make this list at all, so we need to send someone down to Atlanta for a conference on safe sex practices, or find out what's wrong with the water there causing no single soul to have a large dong.

Finally, we always knew we were better endowed than our neighbors to the north in Wyoming, and finally we have some proof!