The Brook Forest Inn is one of the longest-standing structures in Evergreen, Colorado. The log cabin was originally built to be a homestead in 1909 but was abandoned by the family two years later due to Colorado's unexpected harsh conditions.

When Edwin and Riggi Welz heard about the vacant property, they took the opportunity to settle onto the land. The couple began operating the Brook Forest Inn in 1919.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

By 1935, business was booming at the Brook Forest Inn. Tourists from all over the country visited the little lodge at the base of the Rocky Mountains, wanting to experience a memorable vacation in Colorado's wilderness.

To this day, the rustic log and stone structure continues to serve as a restful destination. However, it also attracts guests interested in visiting for different reasons than a relaxing vacation.

While quaint and charming on the exterior, the halls of this Swiss chalet-style hotel are swirling with paranormal activity. These lingering spirits have caught the attention of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators nationwide, who now make their way to Evergreen in attempts to experience the eerie phenomena for themselves.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Some of the stories from guests and employees at the Brook Forest Inn are enough to send shivers down the spine. The third floor is supposedly the most haunted spot on the property. At one point, it was sealed off to the public due to the freaky occurrences happening up there.

According to the Denver Post, the ghost of a little boy who died of influenza romps through the hallway on the third floor. A girl, who may have been run over by a carriage in front of the inn, is said to run with him.

The most common ghost story that's told of the inn is guests who have had the chance to meet Carl. There are several different stories surrounding Carl and his lingering presence. One version has it that he was so distraught from a breakup he strangled his girlfriend, a chambermaid at the time, and then killed himself. Another story says that Carl hanged himself in the livery stable, but that hasn't been proven. Others just say Carl died of a heart attack.

Whatever the truth may be, the spirit of Carl remains inside the Brook Forest Inn. A paranormal investigator who stayed in the bedroom where Carl strangled his girlfriend experienced loud breathing and the feeling of being strangled while lying in bed. Other guests explained that a man's ghost was blocking them as they tried to walk down the hall.

One of the hotel's employees reported seeing an apparition of a man next to the meat slicer. When the employee asked if he could help, the man responded "Don't worry, I'm not here," and then vanished.

Other paranormal stories from the inn include hearing unexplained loud noises downstairs with no one present, guests witnessing pictures being thrown across the room, and hearing ghostly voices.

If these spooky stories don't scare you, book a getaway at this historic mountainside inn.

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