Colorado has some of the worst drivers in the nation. Colorado is ranked at #14, which is based on the percentage of insured drivers, DUIs and traffic tickets.

SmartAsset has released the states with the worst drivers for 2019 and unfortunately, Colorado tops the list. Turns out, not everyone is as good of a driver as you are. Colorado is number 14 on the list of state with the worst drivers. Colorado is technically tied for the 14th spot with Kentucky.

Four things were taken into account while making this list. Their methodology for finding the states with the worst drivers includes the following:

  1. The percentage of insured drivers
  2. The number of DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers
  3. The number of fatalities per 100,000 vehicle miles driven
  4. How often residents of that state Google terms like 'traffic ticket' or 'speeding ticket'

Colorado has actually gotten worse since last year as far as driving goges. Last year Colorado was the16th on the states with the worst drivers list and now we've moved up to #14. It must be because all the transplants moving here.

Some of the other rankings are a bit surprising. Mississippi is #1, Tennesee is #2 and California is #3. I thought California would be #1 for sure. The stereotypes about Texas and Flordia seemed to hold true considering they're both in the top ten states with worst drivers --Texas and Florida are both tied for fourth.

According to SmartAssest's list of states with the worst drivers for this year, Massachusets takes the cake and has the best drivers in the nation.

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