When pondering what it might be that Colorado has more of than any other state - a lot of things come to mind as possibilities - skiers, outdoorsmen, or maybe pot-stoned residents. But, none of those would be correct.

Estately Blog has listed what each state has more of than any other state. For example, Alabama has the most racist tweets. Delaware has the most registered sex offenders. Iowa is number one in lost chickens, and Louisiana has the most people in prison.

Are you ready for Colorado? While the state typically rates well in terms of health, fitness, and low obesity, we are missing the mark when it comes to our children's health. Colorado has the most unvaccinated children in the country. Nearly 20% of Colorado kindergarteners have not been vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella.

According to the CDC, the reason most children aren't being vaccinated is due to what they call "philosophic exemptions" -- which essentially means that the parents don't think it's necessary.  A much smaller percentage of children in Colorado aren't being vaccinated due to "religious" reasons.

I suppose it could be worse. We could be like Oregon and lead the nation in selling cigarettes to children, Missouri which leads the nation in meth lab incidents, or Florida which is number one for shark attacks.