Browsing real estate listings across Colorado can be a lot of fun. Many times, you'll find huge, ritzy homes in ski towns like Vail and Aspen, or upper-class neighborhoods like Cherry Hills Village near Denver.

However, it becomes a real treat when you stumble across a home for sale so unique that taking a virtual tour practically makes your jaw hit the floor.

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The home we're going to check out today fits exactly that criteria as not only is it massive and extra-fancy, it was built in the 1970s and still represents much of what the decade was known for.

Groovy Colorado Mansion Will Make Your Jaw Drop

This particular home was first built in 1976 at 9 Sedgwick Drive in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. However, whoever took care of the massive, 14,481-square-foot mansion over the course of the last handful of decades spared no expense to ensure its modernity.

On the other hand, while modern and fancy, entering the home is like stepping out of a time machine that just landed at a KC and the Sunshine Band concert.

Sitting on a 1.11-acre lot, the home has a total of nine bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a five-car garage, a swimming pool, a guest suite, an office with ceiling designs that look like they came right out of an Austin Powers movie, and colored lights both inside the house and outside.

The home is currently listed for a whopping $8,500,000 but if you keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of this retro-modified slice of '70s paradise, you'll see why:

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