Hiking is an incredibly popular outdoor activity in the state of Colorado, but one business does hiking a little differently and it sounds like the coolest, most adorable way to hike imaginable.

Keep scrolling to learn about guided goat hikes that are available in Colorado.

Guided Goat Hikes in Colorado

The company, simply named Guided Goat Hikes, was started a little over a year ago by Tara Singapuri when she decided to combine two of her favorite things in the world - hiking and goats.

Tara is the proud owner of numerous species of goats and is based out of the small town of Conifer, Colorado.

What Kind of Guided Goat Hikes are Available in Colorado?

Guided Goat Hikes offers a variety of options when it comes to going on a hiking trip with goats.

There's the Private Goat Hike which costs $60 per person and lasts 90 minutes, and for every four people participating in the hike, they're joined by two Nigerian Dwarf goats.

There's also the group hike which is $20 per person, the Reynolds Park Peak with Alpine Goats hike which is $100 per person, and the farm tour for those who prefer not to actually hike but still want to meet all of the goats.

In addition, soon-to-be-weds can host their wedding at the farm and incorporate goats into their ceremony for around $500.

The farm is located at 12479 South Foxton Road in Conifer and in order to participate in any of these activities, you'll have to make an appointment first.

For more information, visit the Guided Goat Hikes website.

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