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It's no secret that Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm over the last few years. As predicted in science fiction novels, movies, and TV shows of the past, some jobs humans once occupied are no longer in need of a living being to complete.

Robotics have replaced servers in restaurants, cashiers, and now it appears that the waste management industry could very well be next.

Colorado Introduces Artificially Intelligent Garbage Sorting

One task that humans aren't always the most conscientious about is sorting recyclables and waste separately, which can either lead to recyclable materials needlessly heading to a landfill or, in some cases, someone else taking the liberty to do the work themselves.

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However, one Colorado city has now implemented a robot of sorts to take on this task at a facility specifically designed to aid in recycling.

The Republic Services Recycling Center in Colorado Springs has introduced a sophisticated robotic system that not only sorts recyclables out of garbage but operates at a rate that humans are incapable of.

This robotic system identifies materials thrown away that can be recycled at an impressive speed and separates these materials using special suction cups.

This garbage-sorting robot is a product of a company called AMP Robotics and can complete this task at twice the rate that a human would be able to without the need for bathroom breaks or sick days.

So, is this an instance of artificial intelligence replacing human jobs? Given that the recycling center is actually making up for the laziness of some humans, it really wouldn't appear so.

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