By now, you may already be familiar with an incredibly grisly and unsettling story regarding a funeral home in Colorado and the unprofessional, immoral, and illegal practices that were discovered inside.

Now, it has been reported that this funeral home of horrors is set to be demolished while the people responsible face the consequences of their actions.

What Happened at the Colorado Funeral Home?

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The Return to Nature Funeral Home was located in the small town of Penrose, Colorado at 31 Werner Road. In case you're not familiar, Penrose is located just outside of Cañon City and is also a stone's throw from the notorious ADX Florence prison, commonly known as SuperMax.

The story begins with nearby neighbors of the funeral home reporting a rank smell coming from the building and the Fremont County Sheriff's Department was dispatched to Return to Nature to find something shocking.

According to law enforcement, 190 bodies were discovered inside the funeral home in a state that would make any reasonable person's stomach turn. The bodies were allegedly found stacked on top of each other, some not even in body bags, while fluids resulting from the decomposition of the bodies lined the floor.

To make matters worse, each of the bodies found had been reported to have already been cremated or buried.

What's Going to Happen to the Colorado Funeral Home and its Owners?

Following the discovery, the proprietors of the funeral home, Jon and Carie Hallford, allegedly fled to Oklahoma but have since been caught and charged with numerous felonies including, but not limited to, abuse of a corpse.

The Hallfords have been expedited back to Colorado and are currently behind bars, while the Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that due to the horrifying state of the funeral home, the only solution is to demolish it completely.

Meanwhile, the deceased bodies have been relocated to the El Paso County Coroner's Office in Colorado Springs.

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