Frozen Dead Guy Days is undoubtedly one of Colorado's most beloved and at the same time, strangest celebrations. The festival had taken place in the small mountain town of Nederland until last year when it outgrew the little hippie town and was subsequently purchased and moved to Estes Park.

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Now, Estes Park is home to two rather macabre staples - the aforementioned Frozen Dead Guy Days as well as the notoriously haunted Stanley Hotel. Because of this, it's more than fitting that the Stanley Hotel would team up with Frozen Dead Guy Days to bring another creepy attraction to the already creepy landmark.

See Colorado's Famous Frozen Dead Guy at the Stanley Hotel

After the success of Estes Park's inaugural Frozen Dead Guy Days last year, Estes Park's Stanley Hotel has taken the actual frozen dead guy, the frozen body of "Grandpa" Bredo Morstoel, and has relocated the sarcophagus in the first-ever International Cryonics Museum.

In case you're not familiar, the tale of Grandpa Morstoel begins with his passing in 1989. His lifeless body was then frozen and eventually shipped from Norway to Nederland, Colorado where it was maintained by Morstoel's grandson, daughter, and eventually a group of volunteers.

The wacky story inspired Frozen Dead Guy Days, which will take place once again this year in Estes Park during the weekend of March 15 through 17.

However, the International Cryonics Museum will allow visitors to see Morstoel's sarcophagus, which is currently a stainless steel pod that is kept at negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

The museum is appropriately located in the Stanley Hotel's Ice House which has been around since 1909 and will be open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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