We're going back to check out a story from earlier in the year, featuring one of our favorite highlights from 2022 in Colorado.

Check out the Facebook video from Dylan Hayes being shared over the last several days by OutThere Colorado.

This video shows a line of cars waiting out a traffic delay in the Glenwood Springs area near Hanging Lake Tunnel. Stuck in traffic and can't go anywhere? Why not grab your fishing pole and catch a fish?

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Colorado Fisherman Drops a Line at Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood Springs

Great Places to Fish in Glenwood Springs

Ok, before we get too excited about what this guy is doing, remember that fishing off a highway overpass like this is probably a violation of some kind. We can't promise that you won't get a warning or a ticket for trying something like this.

Great places to fish in the Glenwood Springs area include the Cemetery Hole trail, Under the 27th Street Bridge, Two Rivers Park, the Deverexou Road Fishermans Area, and more. Tap this link to find more fishing in this area without worrying about getting a ticket for fishing off a bridge on a highway.

Check Out Colorado's Reaction to the Fisherman in Glenwood Springs

Some people could not get over pointing out that this is technically a no-no in Colorado, while others wondered if the guy may have accidentally caught some sort of protected fish. While this may be true, we tend to lean more to the side of the people who noticed the joy in their voices as they brought the fish up. Hilarious that the traffic starts to move and the guy hops right in his truck with the fish on his lap. Scroll on for the comments.

Colorado Fisherman Demos How To Handle Traffic in Glenwood Springs

Many have been stuck in traffic approaching Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood Springs, but few have come prepared to make the most out of the delays. See what Colorado had to say about one man who put his fishing pole to good use while waiting out the standstill.

Colorado 'First Day' Hikes for January 1, 2023

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Participating state parks offer a chance to get outdoors and enjoy nature with guided hikes, scavenger hikes, prizes, and tons of fun. Here's a quick look at the participating locations.

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