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A Colorado family has stepped up to support one of their favorite restaurants by tipping the staff $950. The Caste Pines restaurant is so grateful for this kind gesture during such a tough time.

It's so great to see people being so generous during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses across the nation have been forced to close. A Colorado family decided to show their support to Las Fajitas in Castle Pines by tipping the entire staff.

The family has been coming to Las Fajitas for the lasts 10 years. They tipped the 19 staff members $950, which means every employee gets $50. According to Denver 7, the Colorado family left a note which states:

Please give $50 to each server and kitchen folk! We love you all and cannot imagine life without Las Fajitas (or rice + beans as the girls say)!

The head chef said the family came in one day asking how many employees work at Las Fajitas. And a few days later they walked in with a stack of cash so they could tip every single employee that works there. The staff was so happy and left speechless by this kind gesture.

The owner of Las Fajitas, Alberto Granados, has kept every single one of his employees on payroll since the pandemic started, according to Denver 7. The owner says seeing this from customers is just amazing.

This isn't the first time someone has tipped big a Colorado restaurant during the pandemic. Just recently, Colorado's 'COVID Bandit' struck again, leaving a $1,800 tip and a restaurant in Estes Park. And the day before that, the COVID Bandit left a $1,400 tip at another Colorado restaurant.

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