April Fool's Day can be a lot of fun, especially when someone comes up with a really funny, maybe even convincing, made-up story.

One Facebook page achieved this feat effectively by creating a ridiculous and funny story regarding a couple of iconic statues in Colorado.

Colorado Facebook Page Wins April Fool's Day

April Fool's gag was posted on the official Facebook page of Downtown Colorado Springs. The post announced that the infamous statue of William Palmer that annoyingly stands right in the intersection of Nevada and Platte in the Olympic City had been replaced by the Blue Mustang that stands outside of Denver International Airport, commonly referred to as Blucifer.

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While the statue of General Palmer pays tribute to one of the city's founding fathers, anyone who has driven around Colorado Springs enough likely harbors a deep yet lighthearted disdain for the statue based on its placement in the middle of a busy intersection.

The post went on to say that the swapping of the two horse statues was part of a new program called Front Range Exchange that was implemented for the purpose of trading things from city to city, like this particular example.

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Also mentioned in the post was the upcoming arrival of Casa Bonita's cliff divers to Seven Falls as well as giraffes from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo relocating to Ball Arena to participate in a dunking contest during a Denver Nuggets game.

However, all of these scenarios were obviously made up in jest as part of April Fool's Day but in doing so, the Facebook page effectively won the day.

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