A dog was found in a hot car in Lakeside, Colorado, suffering from convulsions because of the heat. 

Police found the dog, Pedro, suffering from extreme heat inside of the car, whose owner was nowhere to be found. Officers then broke one of the car's windows and tended to the dog, who was convulsing.

Officers say that the temperature inside the car was around 123 degrees Fahrenheit, and the dog was suffering so much that he was unable to bark.

The owner, Aaron Marlow, returned to find officers at his car and instead of being concerned with his dog's wellbeing, was more upset about his window being broken. He then proceeded to drive off but was chased down by the police and arrested.

While the dog did survive, he's expected to have experienced permanent brain damage, neurological issues and, according to vets, may end up permanently disabled.

Liz Maddy, marketing and community engagement manager of Foothills Animal Shelter had this to say: 

At this point, Pedro's health is stable, and we'll continue to monitor him for any types of changes with that.

Marlow appeared in court today after being charged with eluding police and animal cruelty, according to the First Judicial District Attorney's Office.

This tragic story is a powerful reminder to never leave your pets or children in a hot car, especially with the windows rolled up. It's fortunate that Pedro survived, but I can't imagine the suffering he experienced while waiting for his careless owner in the 123-degree vehicle.

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