It really goes without saying that if your dog poos on the ground in a place other than your yard, the right thing to do is to pick it up immediately, but is it illegal to leave it? In most of Colorado, it is, and for good reason.

What Dog Poo Laws Does Colorado Have?

In Colorado, if a dog evacuates its bowels on public property or private property that does not belong to the pet's owner, it is illegal for the owner to leave it there. While the law applies to the entire state, different fines are imposed based on different cities, towns, and counties.

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For example, if you are caught leaving the poo on the ground in Denver, the fine for the first violation is $125 while if you are caught in Jefferson County, the fine could be as little as $30.

There are numerous reasons for these laws, as leaving dog poo around isn't just gross, it can be dangerous as well.

Why Does Colorado Have Dog Poo Laws?

Not only is it unpleasant to come across a piece of dog poo, it's highly unsanitary. Unlike manure, dog excrement doesn't make a good fertilizer and even with the laws in place, oftentimes the poo accumulates faster than it biodegrades.

In addition, dog poo can contain things that can harm other dogs including various worms, Giardia, Salmonella, and more.

Another reason that Colorado is so strict when it comes to dog poo stems from a recent study that showed that the Centennial State has more complaints regarding dog poo than any other in the nation, a statistic that, quite frankly, we should be ashamed of.

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