A 4-year-old Colorado kid has recovered from coronavirus. His parents took him and his sibling out of Jujitsu and swimming lessons before they were taken out of school. Lincoln's last day of school was March 12th and has been as his house since then.

According to Mighty Littles, which is a website his mom started, on March 21st, Lincoln got sick. He starting sneezing, followed up with a stuffy nose, cough and fever. He had a high fever of 104.5 on March 27th and his mom said he seemed miserable. His parents decided to take him to the doctor first thing in the morning on March 28th.

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Lincoln was diagnosed with pneumonia and was given antibiotics and oxygen at home for the next two days, according to his mom's Mighty Littles blog. His mom, who is a doctor, says that sometimes he looked find, other times he looked really sick.

On Monday, March 30th, Lincoln was admitted to the hospital. His mom says it was torture watching him struggle and that he started off needing 2 liters of oxygen. According to her blog, the same night he needed 4L, the next day it was 6L then 9L.

The second night in the hospital, the doctor came and told them that Lincoln had tested positive for COVID-19. His mom was trying to understand how this happened when she took all the precautions and was terrified for her son.

After being hospitalized for seven days, Lincoln is doing a lot better now and is at home recovering.

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