While the latest buzz concerning wild animals in Colorado has undoubtedly surrounded the controversial new measure that sees wolves being reintroduced to the state, another animal that can be dangerous has called the Centennial State home for many years and has exponentially greater numbers across the state.

The Canis latrans, commonly known as the coyote, is a close relative to not only domesticated dogs but wolves as well and has been known to pose threats to household pets and even humans.

How Dangerous Are Coyotes in Colorado?

While wild coyotes in the wilderness will likely flee at the sight of a human, specimens that live near urban areas of the state are much more likely to harm a small pet or child due to what is known as habituation.

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Essentially, the more often coyotes see humans, the more likely they are to become comfortable around residential areas, which could be a catalyst for disaster. To go further, if a coyote becomes habituated in an urban area they will likely be more apt to enter people's yards and become territorial.

Once a coyote believes that it is safe in an urban area, it can become so comfortable that it begins to believe that any small animal or child is an intruder which can easily lead to a vicious attack.

However, the habituation of coyotes in Colorado can also happen in rural areas, especially if they have been able to retrieve food from humans. This is why feeding wild animals is strongly discouraged, and why securing trash receptacles is so vital in areas where animals may have access to it.

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