The Air Force Academy has a new mascot, a baby falcon who's one Colorado cutie. Their previous mascot passed away at 23, making it their longest-serving mascot.

The Air Force Academy has a new Colorado cutie in their lives, who's their new mascot. Their new mascot is a baby falcon who is a female gyrfalcon. She's extremely cute and extremely fluffy.

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The Air Force Academy's' newest mascot does not have a name yet but will be named by the Cadet Wing, who will vote on a name for their new mascot.

The Air Force Academy's other mascot, Aurora, passed away in October. She was 23 years old and also a gyrfalcon, making her the longest-serving live mascot in the school's history, according to KRDO.

Gyrfalcons are the largest of all falcons and are very rare, According to CBS Denver, only 3% of falcons are gyrfalcons and only 1% are white. Aurora lived about twice as long as falcons in the wild. We're exciting that the Air Force Academy is welcoming another gyrfalcon into their lives.

The new mascot is too young to live with the other falcons and currently is being cared for by Master Falconer, according to the U.S. Air Force Academy. We think that being a Master Falconer sounds like an extremely cool job.

Cadet Wing will vote to choose a name for the new mascot and let us know what you would name this baby falcon in the comments. We think Mesa sounds like a cool name for this little Colorado cutie.

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