Air travel is unlike anything else. Countless movies have been made involving airplanes and/or airports which include comedies, disaster films, horror films, dramas, and pretty much any other genre you can think of.

These stories, while often fiction, have plenty of inspiration to draw from as crazy situations occur on airplanes and at airports all the time.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Colorado residents what the craziest experience they'd ever had on an airplane or at an airport was, and this is what they said.

Colorado Residents Recall Crazy Airplane and Airport Stories

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One type of story that you hear often with regard to air travel involves the person or people you find yourself sitting next to on a flight. One Colorado resident sat next to Duane "The Rock" Johnson's body double, another next to the tour manager of the band A Day to Remember, and another next to a child with autism who was having a great time with an old-school tape recorder.

On the other hand, many stories that come from air travel aren't pleasant in nature. Some of the responses to my question involved issues at the airport regarding passengers' names or places of birth, a close call of a landing, and a fender bender that left one person stuck on the plane for entirely too long.

There are a plethora of crazy stories that come from air travel, some bad, and some good. Keep scrolling to see all of the crazy airplane and airport stories as told by some Colorado residents:

Colorado Residents Recall Crazy Airplane Stories

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