The states that border the Gulf of Mexico truly have their own, unique culture. In places like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Florida, it's really easy to find an abundance of Cajun food.

These meals typically feature sea life like crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and crawfish, all of which call these areas home. However, you may not know that Colorado has had a law on the books that restricts the importation of the aforementioned crawfish for some time, but that's about to change.

Why Were Crawfish Illegal to Import in Colorado?

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It turns out, that Colorado has long considered red swamp crawfish, the type that many use for the famous crawfish boils, to be an invasive species. In fact, the conversation began when Louisiana Fish and Game contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife to inform them that Coloradans were importing the species to the Centennial State despite it being against the law.

However, after years of another type of crawfish, the rust crawfish, adapting to Colorado's ecosystem and becoming known as a "native" species, the CPW decided that it was time to make a change.

How Does One Legally Obtain Crawfish in Colorado?

While it's technically still illegal to import the red swamp crawfish, the CPW will allow certain entities to take them in beginning January 1, 2024. Special licenses will be available at this time for $91 and are good for one calendar year.

However, there are certain stipulations that will be in place, including a rule that the people importing the crawfish may only possess them for 72 hours at a time in an effort to ensure that the species is eaten before they have a chance to be introduced into the wild.

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