First question I always ask when someone invites me to a wedding: "Are you going to have an open bar?" And based on that answer alone I will know if I am RSVP'ing or not. But soon you may also have to ask whether or not the couple will have an open... Bong?! 

With this year’s legalization of marijuana in Colorado, more and more couples are finding ways to incorporate pot into their special day. Some options include vaping stations for guests, pot leaf bouquets for the bridal party, and instead of Bud in a glass, groomsmen can enjoy “bud-tonnieres.”

The Knot polled readers on how they felt about the inclusion of cannabis at a wedding, nearly 1,000 respondents have chimed in. So far, 68 percent have voted "Yeah! I'd love to go to that wedding," 21 percent voted "No! Drugs don't belong at weddings," and the remaining 10 percent kept things neutral, stating "I'm not for or against it."

Now this isn't just some crazy joke of an idea. It's actually happening. If you really want a weed-infused wedding there is a Denver based company called Edible Events that specializes in cannabis events and weddings!

I can't wait to take great-grandma to her first weed wedding!!! HA!