If you're planning on traveling along I-70 this winter, you might want to make sure you're prepared and not popped by "Code 15".

"Code 15" is a little-known law that enforces traction laws on passenger vehicles. If a "Code 15" is called drivers must have snow tires or four-wheel drive engaged to travel on the roadways to avoid a fine. CDOT defines "Code 15" as follows:

Chain Law Code 15 may be implemented any time Chain Law Code 18 is in effect and any motor vehicle, other than a CV, is experiencing traction difficulties on an ascending grade. Code 15 may also be implemented on any other road, any time traction difficulties are occurring with any vehicles.

Fines could range from $130 to $650 if traffic is obstructed.

CDOT has stated it will impose "Code 15" more often this winter season and wants travelers to know they should have proper winter tires or four-wheel drive.

Losing traction is one of Colorado's leading causes to delays along the highways during the winter months.

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