Nederland High School's hiring of Beth Buglione has made her the first female football head coach in Colorado history.

Buglione's hiring has Colorado talking too. As high school football practice draws near the conversation will only intensify. It was a breakthrough hiring. However, her qualifications shouldn't be among the topics of conversation. She's coached, officiated, and even played the game.

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The simple fact is there will be those that will refuse to accept a woman on the sidelines. Passion, leadership, knowledge, and love of the sport are what it takes to be a winner. Ultimately it will be winning that will determine her fate. Success has a way of quieting potential critics.


In case you're wondering, she's not the first ever. Last fall, Lakatriona Brunson became the first female head coach in the state of Florida. In 2014, Brittney Garner became the first female in the state of Tennessee. And in 2015 Susan Gremillion was the first hired in the state of Louisiana. Susan went on to lead her team to a state title! The first ever honor goes to Natalie Randolph. She became the first female head coach in a Washinton D.C. school district back in 2010.

Good luck Coach Buglione and The Nederland High Bulldogs!

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