You've probably seen plenty of establishments pop up all over Colorado that refer to themselves as "skilled gaming" arcades. Well, these aren't the types of arcades that you want to take your children to for some good old-fashioned Pac-Man, but are actually places that walk a fine line between legal and illegal gambling.

However, one city in Colorado has recently decided to crack down on these places and is currently working on shutting down establishments that they find are breaking the law.

One Colorado City is Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling

The city of Colorado Springs is often made fun of for being "boring," so it should come as no surprise that the Olympic City is currently cracking down on the skilled gaming establishments that have popped up around town.

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An investigation by the Colorado Springs Police Department found that 34 of these places existed in the city, all of which were sent letters from authorities informing the businesses that illegal activity was found to be taking place and were all asked to voluntarily close shop.

These letters were sent out in the early part of 2023 and 130 items were seized from four of the businesses, followed by a second seizure this past November where 120 additional items were taken.

While similar crackdowns have taken place throughout the state of Colorado, many of these establishments continue to operate and some of the businesses shut down in Colorado Springs have even since reopened.

It's difficult to know exactly what goes on in these places and whether or not the establishments are operating within the confines of the law, but there's no question that some authorities are no longer turning a blind eye.

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