For many, the idea of living in a cabin in the Colorado wilderness is a dream that is rarely achieved. However, a job is currently available for a long-term caretaker in a relatively well-known cabin on top of a very famous Colorado mountain.

Colorado's Barr Camp is Seeking a Caretaker

If you ask a Coloradan to name the most famous mountain in the state, there's a good chance that they'll name Pikes Peak. Located just outside of Colorado Springs high above Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak has been a popular destination for outdoors enthusiasts for centuries.

One place that these outdoors enthusiasts often hike to or stay at is known as Barr Camp. There isn't a whole lot at Barr Camp, but tourists and locals alike frequent the destination regularly.

What Does a Caretaker at Colorado's Barr Camp Do?

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In addition to staying at Barr Camp's cabin deep in the Colorado wilderness, the position that is currently seeking applicants requires the caretakers to assist visitors, cook for them, keep the space clean, and take care of general maintenance at the site.

Barr Camp is currently seeking two individuals with two to six years of experience in similar environments to hire as caretakers for at least a year, each of whom will be paid a salary between $2,500 and $3,300 each month.

Make no mistake, this position requires hard work and sacrifice, but the right applicant will likely feel as if their dreams have come true.

Check out the entire listing and apply here.

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