If you've ever been married, you likely know that you are only allowed to get married if you aren't already married to someone else. Being married to more than one person at a time is known as bigamy and is illegal in Colorado, but how illegal is it?

How Does Colorado Define Bigamy?

The Colorado law that prohibits being married to more than one person at once, C.R.S. 18-6-201 states:

any married person who, while still married, marries, enters into a civil union, or cohabits in this state with another person commits bigamy.

Essentially, any previous marriage must be terminated before legally entering into another.

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However, if a Coloradan mistakenly believes his or her spouse to be deceased, or has not known the whereabouts of said spouse for at least five years, they can reasonably defend themselves against the charge.

What is the Penalty for Committing Bigamy in Colorado?

For United States citizens who have been convicted of bigamy in Colorado, the consequences could see relatively hefty fines and possible jail time. In Colorado, bigamy is classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor and carries a sentence of up to a $750 fine as well as 120 days in jail.

However, if an immigrant seeking United States citizenship is found guilty of bigamy in Colorado, the punishment wouldn't necessarily equate to fines and/or jail time, but would likely result in a denial of citizenship and possible deportation.

Keep in mind, that a bigamy conviction will only take place if the party or parties enter into a new marriage with someone while knowingly already being married to someone else.

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