Harold Ramis's classic film National Lampoon's Vacation is nothing short of comedic gold. The film began the saga of "Vacation" movies and introduced the world to Clark, Ellen, Rusty, and Audrey Griswold as they set out on a trip to Wally World with plenty of bumps along the way.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that a couple of classic scenes from the movie were filmed in Colorado. There's a short clip of the Griswolds at a motel that is still standing in Pueblo, Colorado, as well as the iconic stop at Cousin Eddie and Catherine's house, which is also still standing in rural Southeastern Colorado.

While the scenes filmed at Cousin Eddie's house are nothing short of iconic, it's quite interesting to take a look behind the curtain and see what it was like for the cast and crew to film at the location. Keep scrolling to go behind the scenes at Cousin Eddie's house in rural Southeastern Colorado.

Behind the Scenes of National Lampoon's Vacation Filmed in Colorado

As mentioned above, the house used for the scenes at Cousin Eddie's place is still standing, but the current homeowner is very protective of his property and isn't very welcoming to visitors.

Below you'll see what it was like behind the scenes including the front lawn filled with chairs, cameras, and recording equipment, as well as candid shots of the cast eating lunch and even a picture of Beverly D'Angelo smoking a cigarette. This was, after all, the early 1980s.

Keep scrolling to check out a rare behind-the-scenes look at this classic scene filmed in Colorado:

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