If you've lived in Colorado for a decent amount of time, you've probably heard about how it's fairly likely that you'll encounter a bat at one point or another, and that this chance meeting could be quite dangerous.

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While bats aren't found as commonly as, say, robins or doves, a chance encounter could quite possibly land you in the hospital, or worse.

Bat encounters are most common during Colorado's warmer, summer months, and in 2024, there have already been numerous instances of bats biting humans, resulting in possible contraction of the deadly rabies virus.

Avoid Bats + Rabies in Colorado this Summer

As Colorado warms up in preparation for the summer of 2024, an alarming 12 cases of rabies directly related to bats have been reported statewide.

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In the case of infected bats, rabies is transmitted via the animal's saliva and has already been positively identified in eight cases of humans in Colorado, as well as seven pets.

While tales of pop culture icons such as Ozzy Osbourne and, most recently, Taylor Momsen being bitten by bats can seem morbidly whimsical from afar, the rabies virus is extremely serious and dangerous to humans.

In fact, the virus is said to be fatal to nearly 100% of humans and animals it infects if not properly treated.

The most recent cases of humans and pets contracting rabies from bats in Colorado come from the Front Range, but experts warn Coloradans throughout the state to keep a distance from wild mammals over the summer, especially bats, and to keep a close watch on any pets that may encounter the winged creatures.

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