Sorry, fishing in the Toilet Bowl is out this weekend. The City of Aspen is performing their annual maintenance of the hydroelectric plant on the dam at Ruedi Reservoir. It started Monday, October 29 and should take about 10 days.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is responsible for the voluntary fishing closure in the 'toilet bowl,' which is a popular fishing hole on the Fryingpan River at the base of the dam's outlet.

To facilitate the work, water that normally feeds the toilet bowl will be re-routed, leaving the large fish in the pool isolated, stressed and very easy to catch while the work is ongoing.

More Info

For more information about the voluntary fishing closure, contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Glenwood Springs office at 970-947-2920.

For more information about work on the dam and dam operations, contact James Bishop of the Bureau of Reclamation at 970-962-4326.




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