Like most states, you'll find some pretty long names all across the state of Colorado. For example, there are names like Uncompahgre, Walsenburg, and even something so simple as Colorado Springs.

However, when it comes to towns with the longest names in Colorado, the top spot on the list belongs to a town you may have never even heard of.

What is the Town with the Longest Name in Colorado?

Believe it or not, the town that has a name longer than any other in the state of Colorado is called Green Mountain Falls.

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With 18 total letters, this tiny town is barely a speck on the map and is located in southeastern Colorado with its closest major neighbor being Colorado Springs.

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While 18 letters seem like quite a few for a town's name, a couple of Colorado's neighboring states have us beat.

What Are the Towns in Colorado's Neighboring States with the Longest Names?

As you probably already know, a total of seven states border Colorado, two of which have towns with even longer names than Green Mountain Falls.

For example, the town in Utah with the longest name is Mariott-Slaterville which just barely beats Colorado's with a total of 19 letters, while the town in New Mexico with the longest name, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, contains a whopping 23 letters.

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Colorado's other neighboring states of Arizona, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas don't quite match the length of our state's longest town name with their longest being Pinetop-Lakeside, Star Valley Ranch, West Siloam Springs, Beaver Crossing, and Cottonwood Falls, respectively.

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