American game shows have produced some interesting moments but this college student blowing a shot at a million dollars must be the most epic fail of all time. Most game shows each season have a college week and last week the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ had theirs and I bet Julian Batts wises he never got on the show.

The Indiana freshman was set up, he had all the letters revealed and all he had to do was say the phrase and he would of won a million bucks. The phrase that pays Pat is “Mythological Hero Achilles” simple right just say the words and win, but Batts mispronounced the word Achilles and lost out on the big money.

The contestant next to him jumped in and solved the puzzle leaving Batts looking like a deer in the headlights. Then it got worse if that is possible. Julian Batts then had just two letters left on a puzzle in which he had both half’s of a new car. He chose to spin again and when the wheel stopped he asked of a letter that wasn’t in the puzzle and once again the young lady swooped in to steal the win.

Julian Batts in the future you might want to avoid game shows they seem to have your number.