Remember back a few years ago when the University of Colorado used sex to lure football recruits to the school? Yea, that was illegal and gave the school a black-eye for awhile. But guess what IS legal that is helping Colorado get all kinds of college kids? 

I don't have numbers from Colorado State University or the University of Northern Colorado, but not too far down the road from us in Boulder CU-Boulder announced a 33% rise in freshman applications to the school. The number includes a 43% jump in prospective students from out of state; international applications are up an astounding 65%.

Hmmm... What changed? Surely not the fact that college kids want to smoke pot, and it's now legal in the state. At least that's what Kevin MacLennan, CU's admissions director says. From the Huffington Post:

While the school has no way to track whether the arrival of recreational pot contributed to the increase in student interest, his office hasn't heard much about it.

"I don't know," MacLennan said of the marijuana issue. "One of the things is we're not getting a lot of questions from families about that. We don't have any mechanism of tracking that. I just don't know."

MacLennan goes on about what he thinks may have caused the spike, but come on man, are you high? If not, you are about to be (second hand) when all these new stoners come to your school next year!