With over $27 billion owed by college graduates in Colorado, starting a career in debt has been an albatross for many, but with a bill being proposed in the Colorado legislature, some of that burden could be lifted.

The "Get on your Feet" bill would repay the first two years of college if the graduate stays in Colorado and enrolls in an income-based repayment program.

Governor Polis has put $14 million in the budget for the program to fund it in advance for three years. Around 5,300 Coloradans who have graduated from one of Colorado's colleges, and are living in the state and participating in a repayment plan already are the first to enter the program.

As things stand now, graduates leaving college are under such an enormous amount of debt they have a difficult time doing anything but working to pay off the debt. This bill would allow more of an entrepreneurial spirit to exist in the state.

There are more than 760,000 people in Colorado currently repaying student loan debt. If this bill is successful, it will give a little breathing room for those graduates that do decide to stay and enrich the state.

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