If you're a fan of the King of Sports, professional wrestling, then you may have wondered what CM Punk has been up to since he left the WWE the day after last January's Royal Rumble. Punk, occasionally known outside the ring as Phil Brooks, has been quiet about his plans for the future, but this week it was announced that he'll be writing a story for February's Thor Annual #1, with art by Chew's Rob Guillory, who will also be making his debut at Marvel.

Punk, probably best known for cementing his place in grappling history with the longest WWE Championship reign of the modern era at 434 days (giving him the sixth-longest reign in the company's fifty-year history), is also an avid comic book reader, and previously wrote the introduction for the Avengers vs. X-Men hardcover. As revealed by an interview with Marvel.com, his story will focus on a young Thor in the time before he was worthy to wield Mjolnir.

"So the idea was, let’s do a story about young Thor as kind of a brash, bratty teenager who’s like, “I’m totally worthy of this hammer. My dad’s full of [expletive]. I don’t know why I’m not ‘worthy’ of the hammer. Look at all this cool stuff I did.” And it’s more or less like a drinking story. He’s gonna be sitting around with a few choice characters from the Marvel Universe, and they’re all gonna be drinking, and Thor’s gonna basically be complaining about essentially why his dad won’t give him the keys to the car."

It's worth noting that Punk isn't the only wrestler to ever write a Marvel story. In 2002, Scott Levy (known in the ring as Raven) co-wrote a story with Brian Azzarello in Spider-Man's Tangled Web #22, which was easily one of the high points of the series. Of course, that story was actually about pro wrestling, giving a tragic backstory for Crusher Hogan, the wrestler that Spider-Man tested his powers on all the way back in Amazing Fantasy #15. One assumes that Punk's story will not involve wrestling, no matter how great it would be to see Thor and the Warriors Three as the Four Horsemen.

Odin would be J.J. Dillon, obviously.

According to Punk, the story in Thor Annual is only the beginning of what he'd like to do at Marvel, and that his dream job is writing the Punisher:

"Oh, I think, my original pitch to Axel Alonso in 2011 was, “Let me write Punisher.” In my mind, for some odd reason, I’ve just got this Punisher story in my head, and I think it’s super, super awesome. I can read Jason Aaron’s Punisher and everybody else’s [take on the] character and it’s good, but I think that my Punisher story is pretty badass. So everything I do for Marvel is going to be leading up to, “Please just let me write my Punisher story.” So until they let me do that, you’re gonna get all kinds of other stories about all kinds of other characters until they satisfy this need I have to write Frank Castle."


Thor Annual #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque
Thor Annual #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque


Thor Annual #1 is out in February.

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