More and more vandalism is showing up in a Clifton area neighborhood and residents are fed up.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Department recently asked if anyone had information pertaining to the vandalism that showed up in a Clifton neighborhood over the weekend. According to a post on a private Facebook group, it's still happening.

One Facebook user said some damage was done to their car last night (Sept. 8) by what they're saying was a BB gun. They asked if others in the area of D and 32 Roads had any recent damage done to their property.

Comments flooded in from others in the area. Some saying they have had items stolen out of their cars from power tools, car stereos and more.

It doesn't stop with theft, either. The vandals are spraypainting pretty much anything they can. Privacy fences, cars, mailboxes, and even the roads. One man's classic car was tagged with someone's initials.

Residents would like to see an uptick in police patrol in the area to possibly catch the vandals and put a stop to the mess.

If you have any information, please contact the MCSO on their Witness Tip Line at 970.244.3526.