Face it! There comes a point when you have inhaled every food available to cure your munchies and nothing has worked. Now your beyond the point of no return and you fear if you fire up the stove you could burn down the neighborhood. Don't fret, here's a really easy munchie cure!

If you follow these easy steps you'll be on your way to one of the most delicious munchie-buster meals you've ever had.

First, peel yourself off the couch, we know it's hard but it has to be done. Take your time if you have to, the ingredients will be there when you make it to the kitchen.

Now that you're in the kitchen, open the cupboard with the bowls, if you don't do this first you may end up with a mess on your counter. Got your bowl -- not that one, that's why your here -- place it on the counter.

OK! Let's get the cereals out, grab the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cookie Crisp -- knock-offs will work, we know how stoner's roll. If you don't have these in your cupboards, put them on your shopping list for next time, as for now you are SOL!

Fill half the bowl with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then top the bowl off with Cookie Crisp. Once you've completed this step, go to the fridge and "gingerly" add milk don't overfill or you'll end up with a mess you won't clean up for weeks.

Now head back your couch with bowl of cereal and a spoon to knock out those pesky munchies.