Be careful what you wish for. You dream about a white Christmas -- you may get it- and the aftermath. Christmas Day snow has created winter driving conditions across the entire state of Colorado.

It's only about an inch of snow or so in Grand Junction, but heavier amounts have fallen else where, creating hazardous driving conditions across the entire state.

For people trying to get home after the holidays today, it's not going to be a fun drive - pretty much anywhere in the entire state. Icy and snow-packed roads are being reported on virtually every highway in the state.

Just after 4:30 this morning, a jack-knifed semi in Glenwood Canyon closed eastbound I-70 at Glenwood Springs. The interstate is now open.

Motorists who have to travel today should expect winter driving conditions and increased drive times. Those who insist on going to fast, may just end up stuck in a ditch along side the road  - or worse. Give yourself extra driving time to reach your destination as driving speeds will be significantly reduced, and delays due to accidents are always a possibility.

Saturday is looking like a much better travel day in Colorado, but if you must travel today it's highly recommended you take blankets, extra coats, water, snacks, matches, candles, a shovel, and sand.

You can get the latest Colorado road conditions and closures by dialing 511, or visit